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Namaste Smudge Spray


Product Description

When you don't have the means to burn a smudge stick and need energy cleansing in a snap, this spray is your friend. This blend was created with the intention of creating sacred space and clearing negative energies in a room much like white sage would do but Palo Santo has a softer scent. Our protective blend consist of Palo santo, clove, rose, holy basil and distilled water. The 1 ounce bottle is easy to transport and great to keep in your purse on your bedside table. Palo Santo means holy wood and is ethically wildcrafted from a tree. It's said to have an emotionally uplifting and balancing effect and can be used in meditation and to enhance creativity. INGREDIENTS | distilled water, palo santo essential oil, tulsi essential oil, clove essential oil, proprietary oil blend, black tourmaline crystal 1 fl. oz. | shake well before each use

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